Sdk 7.5 Ps4 missing a specific version in the download list

Hi, we are currently developing a game and we need a version compiled for the PS4 sdk version 7.5
we have access to the console developing branches but i was only able to find version 6.5 7.0
and the 7.5 version is only for ue4 plus
Is there a plan to release a builded version that works for the 7.5 sdk for a non plus ue4 branch?

What FMOD version and UE4 version do you need?

Hi Andrew,
I was searching for the 2.01.04 FMOD but anything over the 2.00.10 should be ok

Related to UE4 version
possibly the 4.24ps4_sdk7.500
if is not possible the 4.25ps4_sdk7.500

Many thanks