"Send" seems to double the sound in mixer

Hello. I am trying to achieve a simple effect. I want to add an 3-EQ effect to enviroment sounds (all enviroment sounds are in one bus). I am trying to achieve it by having a return with 3-EQ effect, and I am sending sound from Enviroment bus there. The problem is that it seems like both Enviroment and Return are playing at the same time, and the sound is doubled. I tried with different effects, but it does not work either. I assume that I do something wrong, I was only doing really basic stuff with fmod so far, and it is the first time I am using mixer. Thanks!

I’m not sure I understand well. But it is the normal behaviour, if you send from one bus to another, to have the sound doubled on those two busses. If you want to have all the sound processed by the EQ, you have to put it as an insert, directly on the environment bus.

As Alcibiade says, a send creates a copy of a signal, and routes that copy to the associated return bus or track. This results in both the original signal and the copy being routed to different destinations. This is the intended and expected behavior of sends.

If you do not want two copies of the signal to play, there are a few ways to prevent that.

As Alibiade suggests, the most direct way to achieve this is not to use sends at all, to replace the return bus with a group bus, and to route your events into that group bus. To route an event into a group bus, drag it into that group bus in the routing browser. (This works just like dragging a file onto a folder in order to move the file into that folder.)

If you do not want to change buses into which your events are routed, another option is to drag send to the left of the event track’s volume fader, then to set that fader to -oo dB. Effects in a signal chain are applied to the signal from left to right, so a volume fader to the right of a send will have no effect on that send’s volume, but will affect the output volume of the track as a whole.