General question about the mixer and buses

Getting close to asking all the noobish questions on my mind, I promise.

So I understand the importance of buses for effecting multiple sources at once with verb, compression, sidechaining etc etc. Really handy for mixing. But the setup for FMOD has me a little confused.

What is the “RTN” reverb that is in the mixer by default?

I wanted a verb I could send events to but couldnt seem to get it to work through that verb, so I made this Port Reverb (See attachment)

Have I done this right?
return verb

Thanks so much

“Rtn” is short for “return bus.” A return bus is a type of bus that can recieve signals from “sends” anywhere in the project. The return bus creates a submix of all the signals it recieves, much as a group bus creates a submix of all the signals routed into it.

In FMOD Studio, reverb is usually achieved by creating a return bus whose signal chain contains a “reverb” or “convoluntion reverb” effect, and by creating sends to that return bus in relevant parts of the project.

By default, a new FMOD Studio project includes one return bus named “Reverb,” whose signal chain contains a “reverb” effect. This is the “Rtn Reverb” that you see in the routing browser.

The “Car Verb” bus in you screenshot is a “Port bus.” The output of a port bus is not output to the project’s master bus, and so is not audible in your game’s mix. This is because port buses are designed to output their signals to platform-specific output devices such as controller speakers, controller rumble devices, and auxiliary speakers.

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Ah great. ok Thanks joseph!

Hey Joseph, If I have 1. An action event for the Engine setup, and 2. an “Engine Total” timeline event for the Engine startup fading into the Engine Event, both going into the Rtn Reverb bus, will that double the reverb effect in game?


Each return bus creates a submix of all the signals sent to it, much as how a group bus creates a submix of all the signals routed into it. Increasing the number of signals routed into or sent to a bus does not multiply any of the effects in its signal chain.