Send to reverb to follow event panorama?

is there a way that sends can pass information about individual channel volume to reverbs?
For example in 5.1 setup if an event is playing from far right, in the Master bus it is played only on right channel and maybe a bit in center and right surround. But reverb is playing all the channels at equal volume, no matter what the position of the event is.
Am i doing something wrong or this feature is not supported?

I am using Fmod Studio 2.00.08, reverbs are set as Rtn on mixer and added convolution effects.
I am mostly grouping my events on mixer and sending from those groups to specific Rtn. Also snapshots are used to automate sending in the scene.

Thank you

There isn’t currently a native way of applying reverb on a per channel basis. The issue comes from the output of the reverb DSP won’t know the location of the event emitter.

A workaround could be to place the reverb on a return track in the event needed and then place a second spatializer after the reverb. This would need to be on a per-event basis and could be costly in resources, so please use this with caution.

If you can afford to use a Convolution reverb and have a surround impulse (or at least a quad impulse) for it, you can set its channels to Unlinked. Then only the channels that receive input reverberate. So if a sound is panned to the left, only the left side reverberates.

However in real life, in room reverbs, the reverb (late reflections) do spread all around so the behavior of the native Reverb DSP in Studio is correct.

Caveat with the unlinked approach: it happens on a mixer bus, so if the game is in first person and the player looks around, the reverb tails will not pan accordingly. Once the tail gets sent to the left, it will stay on the left side. This can seem weird and laggy with long reverb tails.

Thank you both for the answers.
I never tried that link button but from your story it sounds like it will not be usefull.
I`ll try it.

If you’d like to use directional reverb for something like outdoor gunshots, a more functional approach may well be just using baked gunshot report tails with a wide (but still directional) panner, and mix different tails depending on the environment type.