Simple Sound Setup in Fmod

Wondering if anyone can help me with this, still relatively new to using the middleware.

I have a game where there are health pickups and I have 2 tracks loaded into the event that connects to the pickup.

Currently, it plays both event tracks like linear timeline would each time a health is picked up.

However, the way I’d like it to function, is for fmod to play just the first track in the event, and then play the secondary track/sound only sometimes, basically to randomize it and when the playback happens.

Anyone have any suggestions for this?

I thought I could do it with a Scatterer sound module, but that appears to be for multiple instances of sound, or a looped ambient sound that keeps playing, not just a one shot.

It sounds like you have one sound module on your second track. If that’s the case, it’s extremely easy to do what you want: Select the sound module in the second track, expand the “Trigger Behaviour” drawer in the deck, and set the ‘Probability’ knob to 14%. (If you can’t turn the knob, click on the button just above it - the one with a picture of a die.) This sets that sound module to only play 14 percent of the time.

If there’s more than one sound module on your second track, it’s still possible to get the behaviour you want. First, create a new parameter, then apply a random modulator to that parameter’s value. Then, automate the volume of your second track on that parameter such that it’s silent at some parameters and at full volume at others.

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Perfect answer, thank you so much!

Such a basic feature too - I just was thinking it had something to do with the trigger conditions in order to use that Probability dial, it was greyed out before I enacted the die, thanks so much again!