Playing random tracks in event instead of all

I have event for music and it has 7 tracks. Only 3 of them has probability to play so the rest is must always play. But in some conditions the event launches only one random track. On the next loop it can launch another random track. And after some time it can become normal.
So the conditions are not trivial. I’m using level streaming in the project, don’t know yet if it’s important. But if I go straight to the level that contains that music it will play normally. If I load some another level first and then that level it can play music with one track. Or can play normally.
Other levels contains other music with similar structure but none of them is faulty.
Also when project is built for other platforms this behaviour is not appears. Only on android and only on that level.
What can it be caused by?

UE4.27(Oculus fork)
FMOD plugin 2.02.05

There is logs but i understand nothing from it.


Could I get a screenshot of how the event is set up in your FMOD Studio Project? Do you experience this behavior in Studio or is it just in PIE? Would it also be possible to get a packed project with the banks included uploaded to your profile to test on my side?

To upload the package you will have to register a project with us.

Here is problematic event. Only tracks 1, 6, 7 has probability to play, the rest plays always.
This behavior not replicating in studio nor in PIE. Only in android build of the game.
And I uploaded the package to my profile

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Unfortunately, the package you uploaded does not include your built banks. Could you reupload the package and make sure the Banks option is selected when packaging the project.

I’m swear to god that Banks was selected


Would it be possible to check your preferences and the output location of the built banks:
as if they are outside the studio project with will not be included in the package.
Once that is cleared, rebuild all the banks with Ctrl-F7 and upload the package again.

You’re right. After rebuild the package file is much bigger. Still I didn’t include assets.
Reuploaded the package.

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Unfortunately, I was not able to reproduce the issue.
Here you can see every time I trigger the event I get 4 voices for each of the audio tracks:

Could you set the priority (FMOD Studio | Event Macros Drawer Reference - Priority) of the event to Highest it may be the events are being Virtualized unwantedly. Alternatives you could also Connect Live Update and run a profiler session (FMOD Studio | Profiling) like I have to make sure that all 4 voices are being created each time the event is triggered. Unreal Integration | Editing During Live Update - Unreal.

Hope this helps!