Small UI quirk in 1.9.x vs 1.8.x

In our simple game we use one event to master all OST to achieve controlled crossfading and background sounds. That kinda implied using tons of transition regions to achieve going from any loop to any other loop. In 1.8.x all regions where stacked together nicely, while in 1.9.x there appears to be a vertical limit how many you can stuck together before it goes to scrolling mode. It appears that scrolling is placed unnecessary as there are a lot of space below tracks that can be utilized, example here :

Can it be fixed somehow? Also would be nice to be able to disable green lines as they obstruct view quite a lot :frowning: I can mitigate both of them by removing many transition regions, but I’ll still have a few per loop.

Hi Dmytro, thanks for taking the time to report these two issues – the screenshot was very helpful. I’ve added items to our tracker to fix both of these.

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