Sound.getOpenState returns OPENSTATE.ERROR when channel goes from virtual to real


I have an internet streamed sound playing in the 3d world. If I walk past its max distance and walk back (channel goes from real to virtual and back to real) the sound no longer plays.

Both channel and sound have valid handles and the channel is still updating its volume correctly (there’s just no audio).

.getOpenState returns ERROR, 0, false, false (state, buffer, is starving, is disk busy).

I’m guessing the stream isn’t being updated when the channel is virtual but is this intended or a bug?

Or must I call some method to work in this scenario?

Thank you,

The stream should still be updated when it goes virtual and this should not cause the OpenState to change.

The function Sound::getOpenState should also return a FMOD.RESULT, this may provide more information on the cause.