Source Code for UE4 Integration 2.01

I’ve had fair look around to see if I can find any information on the new source for the ue4 fmod studio plugin for 2.01 but have come up short. Other than the obvious github page: Where the last commit was 4 months ago for 2.00.

So I’m wondering if I’m just being daft and this is indeed the code I need to build with the libs for the latest 2.01 plugin for ue 4.25?
I have of course tried this and it even builds successfully, but when launching the engine it’ll complain that it cannot find fmod.

Thanks in advance!

The files on our Github are generally the same as the files included in the integration downloads from our website, occasionally we may put a fix out before a release if it seems urgent.

I have created and updated branches for FMOD 2.01.

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Fantastic, thank you very much Cameron!