Integrating FMOD into UE Error

i am new here so bear with me.
I would like to use FMOD Studio and UE together.

I have read the Instructions for this but it doesent work.

I have Downloaded the newest UE Integration zip and had unzip the File into the Engine/Plugin.

But when i start UE, a message appears: Plugin FMODStudio failed to load because module FMODStudio could not be found.

This is the path. C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.25\Engine\Plugins

Can anyone help?


I think the latest fmod plugin is only working up to UE 2.24 currently. I saw a post somewhere with a work-around if you need to get it loaded up, could probably find it with a search.

Thanks for the reply.

That would make sense because i have the 2.25 version.

If you can search for me, that would be great.
Big thanks to this point.

You can recompile the plugin to match whichever version of UE4 you’re using. Please note that there are behavioural differences between versions and so we cannot guarantee it will work. If possible, please wait for the official integration release: