[Steam Audio] Unable to set SIMULATION_OUTPUTS DSP parameter


This may be the wrong forms for this, but have any of you run into this problem?

I am new to using Steam Audio and wanted to get something simple setup to test it out in a C++ project using FMOD to handle the audio. I followed the guide and it seemed to work up until I needed to pass the results of the simulation back to FMOD. When I call dsp->setParameterData, it throws an access violation where it seems to try and read some data at the address equal to the direct.flags var.

Are there additional steps before I can set this parameter? I can set integer params, and they take effect, but when I try to set (or get) this data param it fails. When getting it errors with an invalid param.

I’ve spent a couple hours on this to no avail, so any help would be appreciated.


Issue was with docs see [FMOD] Unable to set SIMULATION_OUTPUTS DSP parameter :: Steam Audio General Discussions