Stereo music appears to become mono when I put it into FMOD

Why does FMOD make Stereo tracks mono when you drag them into FMOD? Should I not use Stereo? If Stereo is fine for music, then how can I change it from mono to stereo?


It seems disabling the 3D Panner on the master track resolved my issue!

FMOD assumes both channels originate from the same position when a stereo source is placed in 3D space. Ideally we would be able to set a stereo spread width when placing 3D stereo sounds. This is a feature just added in UE4.11 (Stereo Spatialization)…

I have asked here if we can get this feature in FMOD (as well as the rest of the audio features just released in 4.11)…

Hi Jesse, I posted a response to that Q/A. I would like to hear in what cases you think that proposed feature would be useful.