Studio could not create a "EXAMPLE" directory for

I’m using FMOD Studio on my mac, and it won’t allow me to save a project. “Studio could not create a “EXAMPLE” directory for the project.” - I just keep getting that message. Can anybody help me out?

I see. The recommended platform for Studio 1.04 is OSX 10.7 and above since we made a change to a newer version of Qt. Studio 1.03 and all its subsequent patch releases should work on OS X 10.6.


Would you be able to provide the version of Studio and is “EXAMPLE” the name of your project?

Yes, it’s version 1.1.3. Yeah, “example” would be the name of the project.

We have since release a number of patch release and our current version is 1.4. Is there any chance you might consider updating to a newer version?

Well I had downloaded the latest version, but it wasn’t compatible with my mac version 10.6.8. So that’s why I downloaded an older version of fmod