Suggestion: Panner presets

In our projects we tend to have a large number of sounds that need to have the same pan / channel settings (for example, UI sounds). These settings get copied as you duplicate events, but if you want to change these later, multi-edit doesn’t seem to always work as expected.

As a suggestion, I think presets for channel Input and Output panner settings would be quite useful. You could include automation for these as well.

As a workaround so far I’ve used a 3D Panner preset with 100% Pan Override to have a specific pan setup for a group of events, but this does not let me enable/disable speakers or channels in the panner.

Whether the incoming signal is mono or stereo (leading to either L/R or Distributed surronud) may cause edge cases here, but maybe that’s solveable.

Thank you.

Could you please describe in more concrete terms how you expect bulk edit to behave, and how the behavior you’re observing differs from that expectation?

This is a good idea! I’ve added it to our feature/imprvement tracker, and it will be discussed and potentially scheduled for development at our next roadmap meeting.