Support for SSL 360

Any planned support for Solid State Logic SSL 360?

I plan to get a few mixer stuff from SSL like the Solid State Logic UF8 Advanced DAW Controller, Solid State Logic UF1 Advanced DAW Controller, and Solid State Logic UC1 Advanced Plug-in Controller.

The reviews for the hardware units to be universally compatible with other DAWs is quiet fascinating, would love to see support for it in FMOD.

What you describe isn’t really possible.

If I understand it correctly, SSL 360 is a tool for managing linear audio plug-ins and controlling them via hardware control surfaces. Such plug-ins are not compatible with FMOD Studio, which is exclusively a tool for creating non-linear audio, and so can only use plug-in effects designed for real-time dynamic audio.

FMOD Studio already supports controlling the FMOD Studio UI (and any compatible plug-ins in your FMOD Studio project) by any Mackie-compatible hardware control surface.

I was referring to SSL 360 Link, the video made by White Sea Studio basically goes over this in great detail, I thought since I saw previously a SSL Console in FMOD forgot where under, I thought SSL 360 Link would make it work with FMOD

FMOD Studio supports connecting to hardware control surfaces via the Mackie Control Universal (MCU), sometimes called the “Mackie control protocol” or just “Mackie protocol.” It is possible to use MCU to connect certain SSL control surfaces to FMOD Studio; this might be what you were thinking of.

As far as I can tell from its advertising material, SSL 360 Link is a software tool for managing your linear audio plug-ins, and sits between a DAW and your hardware control surface. I’m afraid I don’t understand how this would be useful in conjunction with FMOD Studio: Linear audio plug-ins are not compatible with FMOD Studio because FMOD Studio is not a linear audio editing application, and you can already connect hardware control surfaces to FMOD Studio directly.

I’ve never used SSL 360 link myself, so perhaps I’m just missing or misunderstanding some important detail?

from the video it says it’s a universal link between DAWs correct, in my mind wouldn’t FMOD Studio be like a DAW?, im not sure if it uses MCU, ill have to grab the machine myself to see, I thought this would work since it mentions in FMOD SSL Nucleus.

FMOD Studio is like a DAW, yes. It’s not entirely like one, due to the aforementioned linear/adaptive audio distinction (which is why we generally recommend using FMOD Studio in conjunction with a DAW in order to take advantage of the strengths of both), but there are definite similarities, and one of the similarities is that FMOD Studio can potentially be controlled using a control surface, provided it uses a compatible protocol to do so.

I am also not sure what protocol SSL 360 link uses, as I do not have access to one and was unable to find that information in their publically-available documentation. I wouldn’t be surprised if it used the same protocol as the SSL Nucleus, but I would also not be surprised if it used a different protocol; anything is possible.

i got the hardware unit and this is what i see