System::createSound gives "File not found" error

(This is with the HTML5 API!)

I’ve been trying to use System::createSound to create a sound for a programmer instrument. Everything I’ve done gives me some kind of error. (I was originally trying to load from a remote http URL but I soon realized that was not possible.)

  • Trying to load from a string with a path to a local file gives me "File not found."
  • Trying to load from a buffer gives me "File not found."
    • Trying to set the OPENMEMORY flag gives me "An invalid parameter was passed to this function."
  • Calling FS_createPreloadedFile in the preload function seems to allow createSound to recognize the file but it gives me "Unsupported file or audio format." (it’s a wav file)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I recently solved this problem in the meantime after reading countless posts on this forum. Thanks anyways.