tempo out of sync

I’ve written several 8-bar cues nested into Event_A and Event_B, but when playing them back there seems to be a gap of some sort between the tracks, even though I’ve set the bpm and aligned both Event_A and Event_B correctly. What could be causing the gap? These same files, when properly aligned in a DAW, are easily shuffled around and play back just fine at the same BPM.

Update: for reference, I’m using Fmod Studio 1.2.11 and the BPM is 132. The tracks are ‘snapping’ fine to the measures.

That’s odd… I suggest you send a copy of your project to support@fmod.org so that we can investigate this behaviour in more depth.

There are no pitch adjustments. There are two events within the event. Both events get 8 measures on the timeline, alternating, then it loops back to the beginning.

Just to confirm, you’ve created an event that contains two event sound modules or event reference sound modules, each on a different track; Each of these events contains some content on the timeline.

Do any of the three events contain any pitch adjustment of any sort?