UE4.16 is mentioned on the download page but *NOT* supported

When downloading the UE4 plugin, the download link still links to the “4.15” zip file (file name: “fmodstudio10905ue4.15win64.zip”), even though the title says it’s 4.16 compatible (it’s not).
Recompiling from source does no good, since the download zip is 4.15 and isn’t compatible with 4.16.

The plugin is updated and built against 4.15, but is in fact compatible with 4.16, when compiling it yourself. This has been tested to work before. Have you got any errors you can show us?

Hi, thanks for acknowledging this. The errors are with Occulus: Error Screenshot

Yes, the error comes out of FmodStudioOculus as mentioned by @Chris Allen

You were right, it’s possible to compile FMOD from source and have it work in 4.16.

Here’s a quick video that walks you through the process of compiling, for anyone that hasn’t done it before (you can do it!):

Good luck!

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