Unable to initialize FMOD Controller Outuput

Hi, I am trying to use FMOD Controller Output device to test the new output port features of FMOD Studio 2.02.02. I have connected a PS5 controller via cable and I can see the device in the audio control panel as “Wireless controller”. I have configured it (it appears to be a quadraphonic device). I can hear sound from the controller and also make it vibrate. However, when I select the FMOD Controller Output Device in FMOD Studio, I get the error message “Unable to initialize the selected device. No sound will be produced. Please select another configuration”. Is there something I’m missing that should be done in order to use this output device?
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Thanks for reporting the issue. It looks like there was an issue with how we were enumerating devices which would mean that controller would not consistently setup. We have a fix for this that will be in the next release.

Issue is still present in 2.02.03

Is there any chance you are using the 32bit version of FMOD Studio? It looks like the fix was only included in the 64bit release (which we will fix up for the next release)

No, I’m using the 64bit version.

I just tried on a fresh computer with 2.02.03 x64 and I wasn’t able to get the “Unable to initialize the selected device" message unless the controller was disconnected when starting fmod studio or selecting the controller output mode (the output mode does not currently auto-detect plugging in a controller while it is active, you would have to change output mode to something else and change it back to pick it up).

Can you confirm the entry in the control panel looks like this - image

Nope. Please notice that the wireless controller is selectable in FMOD Studio as valid device if I choose another output, for example “Windows Sonic”, but it isn’t if I choose “FMOD Controller Output” Untitled
I am using FMOD Studio 2.02.03, 64-bit, Build #120077

Thanks for that. I think I see the issue now - we are filtering compatible devices based on the device name string (it checks for both Speakers and Wireless Controller). This doesn’t account for other languages, so we will switch the filtering to be based on channel count for the next FMOD release.

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