Unity Crash after a FMOD_LIVEUPDATE

I’ve got an issue with Unity when I enable FMOD_LIVEUPDATE, I connect Fmod to unity while running (in editor) all work with no problem (I’m able to modify in real time my sound) but when I press stop in unity to save my change, unity crash almost every time. I’m able to reopen it and apply my change after it, but I don’t know why it crash. I’m using Fmod 1.04.01 with unity 4.3.2f1.

I’m having this same problem 5 years later. What do we do to remedy? Others can’t be work working this way… (Unity 2018.3.8f1, FMOD Studio 1.10.13)

Can you provide some more information on the issue you are having:
What platform are you using?
Are you seeing any errors or warnings in the editor?
Is there anything obvious in the crash reporter?
Are you enabling LiveUpdate via the settings in the editor?

Actually - it seems to have cleared itself up! Must have had a fluke day. I can now also connect from a second computer. Thanks for the quick reply anyhow - much appreciated!