UNITY Visual Scripting Simple Example

Hi Guys,
after spending some frustrating hours with no results I hope for your help: I try to get some simple instance of sound playing in Unity via the new Visual Scripting (Unity 2021, Fmod 2.02). The connection between Unity and Fmod works fine, all the other methods (C# script & Studio Event Emitter) also do work just fine. But I really would like to experiment with Visual Scripting and I wasn’t able to get any sound so far. Maybe somebody could give me a simple patch example how to play a simple sound instance. I would really appreciate your help!

Which FMOD-based Bolt units are you using?

I hope it helps and it works by me without FMOD Event Emitter in Inspector. But i dont know its important the Event Instance->Release in VS. I use Unity 2021.2.7f1 and FMOD Studio 2.02.05.

If you want to change the volume from Bus, this works by me too
Screenshot 2022-01-08 024918

The Problem is now by me, how can Play or Stop the Event. The Element needs a Target but i dont know what. Target from Instance? And how can Set the Stop Method (Fadeout ect.) or Set the Play/Stop Event.
Screenshot 2022-01-08 050424
Screenshot 2022-01-08 051203