[update] How to a build complex sequence via Event Instrument

Hello there! I’m new to FMOD and for now just playing around. Today i tried to create an event instrument, i heard that with it’s help you can build a variative sequences. But i think i stucked in the very begining. When i creating instrument on new track it creates (obviously) new instrument and nested event to it. But i’m not seeing a possibility to create another nested event. I looked for it in context menu, tried drag’n’drop other events under parent event (or on event instrument on AudioTrack), but seems like it’s not working. I’m not sure what i’m doing wrong.

And i have second question (it’s optional, but just to clarify what i want to do):

I want to make loop with 10-15 sounds in it, and they should be triggered randomly, but after one particular sound, i want that loop to make pause for few seconds and then start to playing again. Is it possible to do it via event instrument at all? Or maybe i should try something else or even look for this solution on scripting level of a game engine?

Sorry for possible mistakes, i’m not a native speaker. But i hope i make myself clear.
Thank you very much!

Ok, i figured it out how to make more events. It was so easy…ha ha and i was so dumb. But i’m still thinkig about building sequence…