Using event property to switch BGM ends up playing all BGM cases

I have two versions of background music. Which will be played is controlled by a certain boolean flag.
I tried to use properties for an Event to do this. The bool property in the event is supposed to be linked to this boolean flag on runtime.

However, I ran into an issue with the following setup:

I have two separate audio files for both versions of the music, both properly loop-processed.
I added a boolean parameter, and FMOD Studio will now show me a tab with the name of the said parameter.
In this tab, I create an audio track and place the two files to the ‘False’ and ‘True’ sections.

This setup indeed allows me to play different tracks under the same event name, but I noticed that when I flip the flag while the event is playing, the version of the music on the flag state I flipped into starts to play on top of the already playing one.
This is not what I want. When the flip occurs, the music that is playing must stop - in other words, I want them monophonic.

I tried selecting both regions in the ‘True’ ‘False’ sections and set the Polyphony to “1” in the “Trigger behavior” settings, which did not do what I wanted.
I haven’t been able to spot the feature to do this kind of thing. What is the correct way to achieve this stuff?

Make sure the Cut mode is activated for both instruments/files:


Tip: if you need a smooth fade in and out when switching you can add an AHDSR modulator to the Volume property of the instruments :blush:

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That was exactly what I needed. Thank you :slight_smile:

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