Using parameters

I am trying to understand fmod. So work in progress. I am using FMOD 2.02 and reading chapter 27.
… A parameter is an event property
An event property is any attribute of an event that can be randomized, or which could be made to vary over time.
Here I am lost. Can someone help me out with this? Is it possible to change the parameters with a script (how) thanks in advance

What do you mean by “change the parameters” and “a script”?

Yes you can change event parameters through a script if you have connected the project to Unity, Unreal or another engine.
For example you can have a wind loop event in FMOD, where you have some wind samples playing. You can modulate them using an event parameter: hook up a parameter called “Strength” to the volume or pitch of the wind samples.
Parameters are values that can represent anything, but allow you to change how things sound dynamically. They can also be change within the event using Event Instruments.