Very basic scripting question about header

Hello there, I am just starting using Fmod with Unity and I`m a total beginer in Unity so I please help me out,
Unity version of the project is 2020.3.11f1.533, I installed fmod version 2.02.15
What should I type under “using” at the beggining of the script to make a simple script for playing oneshot sounds like the one from your tutorial?
I think this is changed on the newer version of the plugin and it will not work


You appear to be using the correct namespaces, it’s just that PlayerController.cs belongs to the wrong assembly - in your screenshot, just under the PlayerController.cs tab, you can observe that PlayerController.cs belongs to “Miscellaneous Files”. This can be remedied by moving PlayerController.cs into “Assembly-CSharp” in the Solution Explorer, after which the FMOD namespaces should be available to use.