Viking Village Import Issue


Just downloaded an imported the Unity Viking Village asset and for some reason it isn’t working properly in my Unity software. When I select the import option a message pops up asking me whether I want to let the asset change my settings, I select yes. Then, after the import is complete it pop up saying it uses outdated scripting and that I should create a backup… done.

But nothing is rendering in my Scene or Game view, it’s just blank. What can I do?


Hi Dominic,

Can you clarify the import option you mentioned in the post? Is that inside FMOD Studio or Unity?


Yeah the problem crops up inside Unity.


This doesn’t appear to be an issue with Studio since we don’t own the Viking Village asset, but have you tried selecting a scene?

I have the same problem…

Have you tried selected the scene in the Assets->Scene folder?


I’ve downloaded unity
imported viking village
however when it imports nothing comes up??
keeps saysing “Component of type GUI Layer is no longer available in Unity. References to it will be removed!”
I cant get Viking village to work any advice?

I recently added a version of Viking Village to our Github that has been updated to work in Unity 2018.3.9f1