Viking Village Import Issue

(Dominic) #1


Just downloaded an imported the Unity Viking Village asset and for some reason it isn’t working properly in my Unity software. When I select the import option a message pops up asking me whether I want to let the asset change my settings, I select yes. Then, after the import is complete it pop up saying it uses outdated scripting and that I should create a backup… done.

But nothing is rendering in my Scene or Game view, it’s just blank. What can I do?


(Thuan Seah Tan) #2

Hi Dominic,

Can you clarify the import option you mentioned in the post? Is that inside FMOD Studio or Unity?

(Dominic) #3


Yeah the problem crops up inside Unity.

(Thuan Seah Tan) #4


This doesn’t appear to be an issue with Studio since we don’t own the Viking Village asset, but have you tried selecting a scene?

(Guillaume Sauvé) #5

I have the same problem…

(Thuan Seah Tan) #6

Have you tried selected the scene in the Assets->Scene folder?