Audio for Unity 5: Viking Village footsteps and Music

Hi This material is great so cool you’re doing these now.

I have a couple of issues though.

No matter how may ways I try and import the custom script download for the footsteps, I find that even if it ends up correctly in the assets script folder, it will not appear as a “component” selection for script even when searching for it when adding a component to the “FlyingRigidBodyFPSController_LowQuality”. I know the video always refers to the high quality one but on my Mac 10.10.5 Unity 5.4.3f1 and FMod 1.8.12 UIP 1.8.12v2 no matter how many times I re import the Viking Village starting pack it is always greyed out and unavailable.

These videos are great but as they are aimed at Audio people not programmers who are using FMOD, so a little bit more detail on something unfamiliar to most sound engineers as apposed to "Here’s a custom script I imported earlier “click” " would be super helpful. Anything in FMod is a piece of cake to a sound engineer it’s the unfamiliar world of Unity that could do with making sure to be clearly referenced and generally you’re doing that really well, but this is a bit of an oversight of “assuming” too much of the potential audience it’s targeted at.

I’ve also followed the very detailed Music instructions to the letter more than once. These are clearly explained and I’ve set up my cubed trigger regions. tested the logic in FMod before building etc but no trigger. Could it have anything at all to do with the low level camera as apposed to high level, previously mentioned ?

Placing sound emitters on static objects torches etc works fine with roll off etc using this camera though.

If anyone can help me out I’d really appreciate it.

Cheers and Thanks in advance.

If the script won’t show up in the Unity Editor, there is a good chance it has errors.

Daniel made another series of videos which may help aswell:

Scripting can be done in so many different ways and it really comes down to the application you need at the time. You can always have a look at the scripts we include with the integration to get some ideas. We also have plenty of info here:

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