VS Code Extension For JS Remote Execution


I’d like to share a small weekend project of mine in the hopes it might be useful for someone else.

It’s a VS Code extension that allows for connecting to a FMOD Studio instance and execute javascript via the documented TCP/IP connection.


I also started working on a typescript definition file of the FMOD JS scripting API, to be able to use typescript with all the niceties of code completion etc. when working on scripts, but that’s not quite in a shareable state yet :sweat_smile: (if someone is interested in collaborating on this front please let me know).

Have a nice weekend

PS.: To the FMOD staff, I hope it’s okay that I used the FMOD logo for the extension logo :pray:. I indicated the copyrights of said logo belong to Firelight technology in the project README. If not, I’ll change it right away.

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Nice one Michael! :raised_hands:

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