What is the best way to remove AudioFile folders in the Scripting API?

The following code removes all AudioFile objects, but does not clear the folders in the Asset Browser or on disk.

var audioFiles = studio.project.model.AudioFile.findInstances();
while (audioFiles.length > 0) {

It wasn’t clear to me that the folder for an AudioFile would be an EncodableAsset, but it appears that you can use one of the following to remove the folders:

var audioFileFolders = studio.project.model.EncodableAsset.findInstances();
while (audioFileFolders.length > 0) {


var masterAssetFolders = studio.project.model.MasterAssetFolder.findInstances();
while (masterAssetFolders.length > 0) {
    var masterAssetFolder = masterAssetFolders.pop();
    while (masterAssetFolder.assets.length > 0) {