[Windows][Low Level API] WASAPI/COM Crashes

A minority of our users are experiencing crashes when FMOD initializes output via WASAPI – the two functions resulting in crashes are CoCreateInstance() and IAudioClient::Initialize().

After reading Microsoft’s documentation on these functions, I am left with the impression that any errors that were to occur during these calls would be reflected in the returned HRESULT value. But instead, the program crashes in ntdll.dll, before these functions can return.

Are there any special considerations I need to take into account when calling FMOD methods that use these functions?

What version of FMOD are you using?


It sounds like possibly a bad driver, are you able to reproduce the crash at all?

I am not able to reproduce the crashes; I only have stack traces to go off of. I thought it could be faulty drivers at first too; however, our logging indicates that the crashes happen across a pretty good variety of drivers, and they occur with enough regularity to make me doubt it.

In the interest of not posting any implementation details, is there a method to share further information with you privately?

You can email support@fmod.com.