Zoom to fit feature

I’d like to ask the developers to consider a change in the “Zoom to fit” feature. It currently displays unnecessary empty space at the end of the track, which makes it difficult to view short events.

Current behaviour of the Zoom to fit feature. Huge space wasted at the right side:

Proposed behaviour of the Zoom to fit feature. It really fits the area.:

Also, I’d recommend a second thing. Add something like “define event length”, where I can specify the total time of the event, pretty much the way you do with the Composition in Adobe After Effects… something like this:

I “third” this request.

I also suggest fixing the display of the “scroller” thingy :

See the grey scroller thingy ? I am to the utmost left of my event, and yet there’s still all of this empty blackness on the left of the thingy, which doesn’t feel right at all.

Proposed solution:

It’s the little things, you know. :slight_smile:

EDIT: for some unknown reason the inserted images don’t show, so I’m including them as links instead. Sorry.

I second this request- working with very short events can be bothersome. Your post however implies that there is an existing zoom to fit feature. Am I missing something? I didn’t realize there was any type of automatic zooming.

Edit: just checked… yeah the zoom-to-fit function doesn’t really seem to be of much help. In most of my events, it actually doesn’t do anything.