3D sound only position dependent ?

Hi, I am trying to make 3D sound work in an FPS game, what I want to happen is when another player makes a sound across the world, the current player would hear the sound from the direction from which it came from.
What actually happens is, it completely ignores the direction, and only uses the position. Assuming I am looking forward and a player to my right shoots, I hear it on my right ear. (Using headphones)
But if I look backwards, I still hear it from my right ear, meaning, position wise the player is really shooting from my right, but direction wise the player is shooting from my left.
For example, assuming A is me and B is an other player,
When B stands to the right of A, A will always hear sound coming from B to the right ear, direction independent.

How can I make the sound direction dependent? I have searched the web to no avail.
Hopefully someone can help, thanks in advance.


For correct 3D processing you should verify the following:

  • Channel or Event position is set, i.e. Channel::set3DAttributes.
  • Listener position and forward and up are set, i.e. System::set3DListenerAttributes.
  • Update regularly, i.e. System::update.