4.22 MacOS Packaged Build crashes, cannot find libfmodL.dylib

Cameron, I just ran into the same problem with 4.26 and the latest 4.26 FMOD integration. Did any one from Epic answer?

No update yet, I have just posted again to try to get an answer: Built Mac game unable to find plugin libs (unrealengine.com)

Sorry to beat a dead thread, but I have the same setup as Srolfe657 and spent all day trying to get the fix by jeremyabel working, but I haven’t made any headway. I can’t open the unrealengine forum link.

Any news or changes on this?

The link requires access to the Unreal Developer Network. It doesn’t look like there has been any progress unfortunately. As far as the FMOD side of things go running the suggested install_name_tool command should do the trick. Are you getting any errors when running the command?

I was told that the issue should be fixed in 4.27 by Epic themselves.

Now that the new version of the FMOD integration is out I’ll be testing it soon.

Confirmed! This issue is resolved with 4.27 and the latest UE4 integration.

Deleted old FMOD Studio folder contents, unzipped new 4.27 version in the same place. Upgraded the project from 4.26 and moved it over to my Mac mini.

Packaged it up for Mac and it’s all good!

Awesome, thanks for verifying!

Yes! It works for me too! So glad I only encountered this problem when the fix was just a few days away!