4.22 MacOS Packaged Build crashes, cannot find libfmodL.dylib


FMOD works great in the editor, but packaged builds crash immediately, unable to find the libfmodL.dylib file. The file definitely exists, and it seems to have the correct paths set up, using @rpath. Not sure what to do here exactly, any tips?

I’m on MacOS 10.14, XCode 9.4.1, FMOD 1.10.12.


Are you able to share the logs from the game?
You can send them to support@fmod.com.


Ok, just sent one over


This issue can be solved by running install_name_tool in the terminal to add the path “@executable_path/…/UE4/GameName/Plugins/FMODStudio/Binaries/Mac”


Thanks for the info, I am still looking into this issue.

It appears that in previous engine versions, our libs would get copied to the same folder as the executable but in UE4.22 they do not.


Sorry for the delay, it appears that this is an unwanted and unexpected side effect of some changes made to the Unreal Engine. They are looking for a fix for this but in the meantime modifications will need to be done in the engine: