4.9 support?

Any possibility for an estimation when the plugin binaries for 4.9 will be out?

We’re going to release for 4.9 next week. It was going to be this week, but we had a hitch with our build machine.

However, the current version already works with 4.9, if you compile the plugin yourself. To do that, you can do the following:

  • Make sure you have Visual Studio 2013 free edition installed
  • Make sure FMODStudio is NOT in the engine Plugins directory
  • Create a new empty code project, using any of the templates
  • Create a new Plugins directory under the game’s directory
  • Add FMODStudio to the Plugins directory
  • Re-generate the project files (Visual Studio or XCode). On windows, you can right click the .uproject file and choose “Generate Visual Studio project files”
  • Build the game for Development Editor|Win64, and for any other configuration you want.
  • It will generate the plugin binaries for the new engine version.
  • You can then copy the FMODStudio into the engines directory, or keep using it under a game Plugins directory

As of 1.06.10 we’re now building the plugin against Unreal 4.9.

It is available from

Does the plugin work for Unreal 4.9.1?

Yep, Epic’s patch releases are compatible with plugins from the main release. So any 4.9.x version will work!