Plugin for UE 4.13.x

(Alex Zubov) #1

UE 4.13 is finally out!

May I ask how long before FMOD plugin will be available for 4.13.x ?

Thanks beforehand

(Alex Zubov) #2

I am guessing it’s coming out the week after next week ? :slight_smile:

(Geoff Carlton) #3

We’re looking to do a release next week.

(Alex Zubov) #4

Sounds like a plan! Thanks

(NOYS) #5

Hey Geoff, any updates on this?

(Chris Lines) #6

Is this available yet? Thanks

(Alex Zubov) #7

It’s not on the download page, so doesn’t sound like it is :confused:

(Geoff Carlton) #8

Version 4.08.11 has just been released which is built against Unreal 4.13.

(Alex Zubov) #9

Thanks! So far it’s working as expected :slight_smile: