400ms transition latency when changing parameter

This issue seems very similar to Transitions latency when changing parameter, however I’m experiencing nearly 2x latency as that post mentioned, and changing Schedule Latency and Schedule Delay didn’t seem to do anything. The latency is very close to 400ms, usually 380-400ms no matter what I change. I’ve also tried changing the DSPBuffer settings as well, with no difference in latency. I understand that there will always be some latency, but nearly half a second seems excessive! There’s no streaming assets involved either. I’m using version 1.10.12 in Unreal Engine version 4.22.3. The game will be shipping in a few months, so any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Can you create a simple FMOD Studio project with an event that demonstrates this latency to send to us?

Also, can you confirm what platform you’re experiencing this on (or whether it happens on all platforms).

Interested to hear if you found a solution for this. And would also know if this is still an issue with 2.0 :slight_smile:

We never heard back from the original poster, but if you have a simple example you can send us with the same 400ms latency we can investigate for you.