Adding a parameter to a plugin

I am developing a few DLL plugin instruments for our project, and once in a while, I add a new parameter to a plugin. The plugin retains its ID, parameters are never reordered, and parameters always retain their names.
When I reload the FMOD Studio project that uses the plugin, all instances of the plugin instrument will now be marked with ‘Plugin-in Issue Detected’.
Validating the project doesn’t solve this.

The way I’m currently fixing this, is by finding each instance of the instrument, and then:

  1. creating a new instance on the same track,
  2. adjust it to start and end the same place as the old instance,
  3. copy properties on the old plugin instance,
  4. paste properties on the new instance,
  5. delete the old instance,
  6. expand automation, and
  7. select ‘Show automation in editor’ on each automation curve.

Since these steps are completely mindless, I wonder if this could be done automatically, or if there is an easier workaround?
Screenshot 2023-01-19 215515

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I have reproduced this issue as you have described and passed this on to the Dev team to investigate further.
I think your recovery process could be automated using scripting- I will see if I can get a script to automate this and get back to you.

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Apologies for the delayed followup, unfortunately I have been unable to automate this due to limitations with creating Plugin Instruments via the Scripting API.
We should have this fixed in the upcoming release.

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