Adding audiofiles to audio table without FMOD Studio

Hey guy,
is it possible to add new sounds (voice lines) to a localized audio table bank without FMOD studio?
One of the programmers who is coding the story system asked if he could update the voice lines without sending all the stuff to me, I put all the stuff in and push the new banks in the SCM…

As far as I can see a build is needed, but maybe there is a script, which could handle this!? (working with UE5)

FMOD Studio is required to build banks and there is currently no way to create banks or their content without FMOD Studio.
You could use the FSBank API to create FSBanks (as distinct from Banks) programmatically, but this won’t help much with localized audio tables unfortunately.
EDIT: After discussing with the Dev team, they have pointed out that you can build banks programmaticallyusing the FMOD Studio Command Line Tool, so your programmer can sets keys in the keys.txt and run fmodstudio -build foobar.fspro to build the project’s banks and submit to source control on their end without needing to use FMOD Studio.

thanks so far!

I don’t know: Is it an issue if I have the events for the dialogs in the same bank, that the programmer what’s to create?
So, could the command line tool “update” an existing bank?

If you want your programmer to generate localized audio tables without overwriting the other banks it might be worth moving your localized audio table to a separate bank that they can work on and build separately.
There is currently no equivalent to “appending” banks; a newly built bank would replace the previous bank, but the command line tool can replace a single bank without touching the others.
For clarity, this would be the workflow:

  1. You create an FMOD Studio project
  2. You create a bank, e.g “Dialog”, with a localized audio table, and set the directory
  3. You share the FMOD Studio project with your programmer
  4. Programmer adds files to the audio table’s directory and modifies keys.txt as required
  5. Programmer runs "C:\Path\To\fmodstudio" -build -banks "Dialog" -platforms "Desktop" "C:\Path\To\{Project}.fspro" to generate the “Dialog” bank
  6. Programmer commits new “Dialog” bank in source control

Hopefully that makes sense, please let me know if anything is unclear.