Localized audio banks


Im having a little trouble understanding the setup required for localized audio banks. As of now we have two languages for VO. Do I create one bank called Dialogue and then create a localized audio table with two different source folders that are selected via the key? Or do I need to create two separate banks and two separate audio tables?

Dialog > Audio Table > Two source folders inside of a larger folder
en_Dialog > Audio Table > One Source
jp_Dialog > Audio Table > One source

Thanks so much for your help!

additionally is it best practice to keep the VO assets outside of my fmod folder structure?

You only need to create one localized audio table.

When you set up locales for your project in the assets tab of the preferences dialog, you specify a “locale code” for each locale you added to the project. These locale codes are used as the last folder in the path used by a localized audio table.

For example, suppose you create the locales English (locale code “ENG”) and Latin (locale code LAT), and set your audio table’s path to “C:/media/bestgame/dialog”. When building your banks, Studio would search for your English dialog in “C:/media/bestgame/dialog/ENG” and for your latin dialog in “C:/media/bestgame/dialog/LAT”.

It doesn’t make a huge amount of difference, as only assets that are actually used in events or audio tables are included in the .bank files when your project is built. Storing them outside your FMOD Studio Project may slightly improve project load times if the number of assets is extremely large, but also makes it easier to accidentally leave the VO assets behind when moving your project to a new location. Really, the most important thing is whether it makes your workflow harder or easier than it would be otherwise.

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Hi Joseph,

Sorry for the late addition. But I still cant quite wrap my head around creating an audio table.
We are testing it with only three audio files. I’ve pointed the table to the correct folder. The folder contains these three audio files and a Keys.txt file. When I click on the “view” button on the audio table. It appears empty.

Is there an additional step I need to take?
Thanks so much!

I have it working when the bank isnt set to localized. But whenever it is set to localized, all of the files disappear

When it’s set to localized, Studio expects to find the audio files in a subfolder inside the target folder, rather than in the target folder itself. There should be one such subfolder for each locale you’re targeting, and each subfolder should be named for the locale code of the locale it targets. For example, if your audio table directory is “C:/assetsInHere” and your “English” locale’s locale code is “ENG,” Studio will expect to find your english language-assets in “C:/assetsInHere/ENG,” not in “C:/assetsInHere”.

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Okay perfect! Thank you so much