Adding delay between loops of a multi instrument?

I’ve tried everything I could think of, no success.

I have a multi instrument full of songs that’s async and looped on shuffle and I want to add a 15s delay after every song. What would be the best option for this? I tried just adding a 15s mute audio after the multi instrument, but that didn’t help.

I think my problem is the progress bar - the white line thingy that shows the playing event’s progress. I have two of these lines, one for the song played in the multi instrument and one for the whole event. The problem is that while the event line is on the multi instrument, it plays something out of the shuffle and plays the delay only when i’ts on the mute audio file.

Can someone help?

I have almost to none experience with FMOD

To achieve that, you should put a multi nested in a parent multi. The child multi would contain all your files, async, not looped. The parent multi would contain the child multi and a silence instrument (set to 15s), async, sequential, looped.

So a multi instrument + silence instrument inside a multi instrument?


Man why didn’t I think of that before :smiley: thank you!

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Okay, I still need some help, did the multi instrument as above, now it plays once the song, then nothing.
My event duration is about 4 minutes, but the songs are about 2-3 minutes long. The problem is that because the event is longer, it only loops after about 1 minute of silence.

Is it possible to tell FMOD that it should loop after a song is finished?

EDIT: nevermind, forgot the loop, but what about global or local scope with sequencing the list? What’s the difference?

Sure. That’s why I said the parent event should be async. And it should be triggered continuously, which can be achieved by lots of ways:

  • in an action sheet
  • in a timeline with a loop inside
  • in a timeline with a sustain point inside

It’s useless to have a 4 min timeline event to trigger async instrument, it could be only 1 sec long!

If you only play one instance at a time (which I presume!) it won’t make any difference.
Edit: with global, it may start by the silence if you stop and restart the event, in this case local is preferable.

Okay, thanks!