Triggering Multi Instrument Multiple times?

Hello I am new to fmod! I wonder if is possible to trigger multiple times a multi intrument, like a scatter instrument. The reason I need that is because I have a looped section(16bars) which have a few drum lines and a few melodic lines. The audio of those lines include an extra bar for the reverb tail. So the audios are bigger than the loop. 17 bars vs 16 bars.

For this scenario the best would be trigger one of the audios each loop and keep playing the tail of the previous, so I need an Async instrument that can choose between the audios. Is it possible to do that with multi instrument, or I should look to something different inside fmod?

image for illustration

PS: Sorry the doublepost, I have pasted the wrong image before and rushed for delete instead of edit.

Yes, it’s possible. The only thing you need to do is to reduce the length of the multi on the timeline, so that it is retriggered at each loop.
I used that principle in that track: Generative ambient music using FMOD - YouTube
The very first track (the main piano loop) has a tail, so it’s slightly longer than the 8-bar timeline loop. It’s a single instrument, but it’s the same with multis.

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Thank you so much for the answer!!! That worked perfectly it would took me a while to notice that :slight_smile: I was doing a workaround making the loop twice as long with duplicated items.

Very cool video, showed to a couple of friends who are also learning game music!

Keep it up!

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