Additive/Subtractive Music in game

A game I’m working on is centered around music, and as the player collects notes, the background music is added to. It’s a great idea, but I’m a little unsure as to how to go about setting that up in FMOD Studio. My first thought was to have a Music event with a “notes” parameter that would then determine when the music would jump. Is this a plausible idea? If not, others are much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you

The method you suggest is entirely plausible. There’s other ways you could do it, too - Which one is best depends on what your game needs.

You might be able to get some inspiration by looking at Examples.fspro: The “Music/Complex/Situation_Oriental” event works very similarly to what you described, with a parameter that controls when the music transitions from one section to the next;
“Music/Basic/Random Layered” takes a different approach, using a parameter to control which tracks are audible without doing anything complicated on the timeline, which could potentially work well with your ‘adding notes’ idea; And “Music/Music” combines the two approaches, using one parameter to to determine which part of the timeline is played and another to turn on and off certain tracks.

There are other possibilities not included in our examples, of course - Controlling different transition markers with different parameters could cause complex changes to the order and pattern in which segments are played, for instance, or sends to return tracks with delay effects could be used to layer segments differently depending on which transitions are taken. Even so, almost every way of building dynamic music would depend in some way on the techniques in those three examples.