[Advice] Creating a loops system that changes on beats


I’m working on a project where I have to create a music system that changes according to interactive behavior. For instance, drum loops change depending on where you are so the best approach is to put the timeline and do some switching using a parameter. I’ve explored different options to find out how to this through trial and error and my go for option so far is this one:

This idea works fine so far compared to creating a parameter sheet that controls the individual loops placed in respective audio tracks in the same event. If I went for the parameter sheet option, I’d not be able to changes loops on the first beat if needed. But if I use the timeline, I’d need to create several loop transitions that might make my implementation a bit messy cause there are 7 drum loops.

Is there a more elegant way to work around this task?


What you have is the most common way of handling this type of dynamic music event. If you need anything quantized or on the beat then it must reside on the timeline, especially if you need transitions. It can get messy with larger more complex events, but it will be the simplest.

Hi Richard!

Thanks for your reply! Yeah apparently there’s no simpler arrangement for this dynamic music system so I’ll keep it for the moment.

It works fine actually! There might be something different I can figure out in the future though.


Hum, why didn’t you use magnet regions? I could be wrong for your specific case, but is seems to me 7 short magnet regions around each loop could replace all your transitions regions.

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Hi Alcibiade

Thanks for your reply! Didn’t get what the magnet regions were for until I found this tutorial in Youtube. Now they seem to be my go for option.


Yeah, it’s hard to see the exact purpose of magnet regions at first, but it eventually becomes obvious. Note that the transition region, which appears at the right, applies in fact BEFORE entering the region, which is quite confusing (it may be changed in a future version). It probably won’t be necessary to add a loop on top of the magnet, the magnet region will loop on itself, as long as the condition is true.

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