Any way to copy/export/transfer events from 2.0 to 1.10?

A composer authored a track in FMOD Studio 2.0.0 not being aware it would not be possible to open it with earlier versions. I can’t upgrade to 2.0.0 since it requires a newer version of Unity than I’m using.

Is there any way to get the event into an older version of FMOD or will it have to be recreated completely from scratch in the older version? I’m assuming it has to be redone, but wanted to be sure before doing the work all over.


You will have to recreate your events from scratch in the earlier version of FMOD Studio.

Projects created in FMOD Studio 2.00.xx contain data designed to support new features added in FMOD 2.00.00. FMOD Studio 1.10.xx did not have those new features, and so is unable to load projects made in FMOD Studio 2.00.00 and later versions.