How to move events from one FMod Studio project to another?

I need all my events and banks in one FMod studio project so they can share the same global mixer (or so I understand). My composer has created a new project and included all of our dynamic music in that. Is there a way to import / move the events he created there into our single Food Studio project?

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To move events from one FMOD Studio project to another, open both projects at the same time, copy the events in one project, then paste them into the other project.

If the source project makes use of referenced events, you will need to copy them at the same time as the events that reference them (using multi-selection) for the references to remain intact.

Note that events pasted into a different project will be routed into the master bus rather than into their original routing positions. You will have to manually move them to their correct routing positions in the destination project.


Seems like it does not work anymore. I try to get an event with a lot of sounds and two parameters from FMOD 2.01.11 project to a 2.02.09 project.
If I “copy” it, “past” is not shown in the new project. Drag and Drop makes the + on the mouse, but it does nothing.

To copy an event from one FMOD Studio project to another, both projects need to be open in the same instance of FMOD Studio.

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