Uploaded to 2.0 and can't open the project #help

Hi all!

I’ve been working with the 2.0 version (early access), and then I had to switch back to the 1.10.12 in order to keep the same version of my client (because updating the whole project would be a bit complicated for him. But my project does not open anymore! it says ‘the project xxxx could not be loaded as the version is incompatible’ And I really need to use the 1.10.12 version, is there a way to get it back?

There is no way to back-migrate a project to an earlier major version of FMOD Studio than the major version it was last saved in. This is because new major versions introduce features that did not exist in older versions of FMOD Studio, and these features necessitate changes to the format of saved FMOD Studio projects.

You will have to roll back to a pre-migration changelist in your source control software, or restore a pre-migration copy of your FMOD Studio project from backup.

For more information about migrating FMOD Studio projects, see the migrating FMOD Studio projects section of the advanced topics chapter of the FMOD Studio user manual.