AppxManifest Settings

(Mike Kelly) #1

Do you have any new documentation for how to add the required network settings for live updating in the XboxOne AppxManifest under UE4 4.8?

(Nicholas Wilcox) #2

Download and install the full FMOD Studio Programmer’s API for Xbox One from and you’ll get a CHM help file. There is information under Introduction/Basic about setting up the AppxManifest.

(Mike Kelly) #3

I have the latest chm file. The information in the latest chm file is no longer valid for 4.8. The AppxManifest file is no longer built from template files - it’s built from an ini file.

(Mike Kelly) #4

This UDN post describes how to do it: Adding to AppxManifest

Basically, use the Insert command to reference an xml file containing the fmod network settings.