Integrating FMOD2.0 to build for XBox One one UE$.22

I’m hoping someone can help me figure out why I can’t get FMOD to integrate and successfully build for Unreal. I’m using FMOD 2.0 and UE 4.22

I’ve recently started working on porting my game to Xbox (with absolutely zero knowledge of anything code related), and managed to build UE from source, make a base template project, and package/launch it on the Dev Kit, but I’ve been unable to do so with FMOD. I’ve been scouring the internet for the last few days, but cannot seem to find anything recent that might suggest the current steps are out of date.

So far I’ve tried -

  1. Just adding the plugin to the engine folder
  2. Adding the code lines found in

  1. Creating a Binaries/XboxOne folder, downloading the API and copying the dlls over. - Same issue as #1.

Like I said, I know next to nothing when it comes to programming so this might be (and likely is) something dumb that I just don’t understand, but I’ve run out of ideas. I did find this thread

Edit - I also just found How do I get access to console versions? which is a step I didn’t know was necessary (I found another topic with a link like this, but that one was invalid)

It sounds like you may have found out what you were missing.

But just in case; you need to register a project in your FMOD Profile and get your Microsoft account manager to verify your developer status with us before we can provide access to the Xbox downloads.

The UE4 integration also requires a couple of steps for Xbox One:

Does this mean that the UE4 Audio system cannot be used together with FMOD on xbox one?

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to run both the systems at the same time, Unity also has the same issue.

The problem is that the XBoxOne has a limited number of resources for audio and when the game engine (UE4 and Unity) initializes its audio, it wants to use all of the resources.
This means that if they initialize before FMOD, FMOD will fail because there are no resources available, or if FMOD initializes first their audio will fail because they cannot claim all the resources.