ASIO issues working with UAD Apollo

HI All,
I am setting up a new interface with my PC, the UAD Apollo 8.

The connection is fine when using WMD in stereo mode:

The issue is the ASIO connection from FMOD to UAD’s Console Settings:

I can get the ASIO connected with Pro Tools with no issues, and I have PT closed when trying to connect with FMOD, so there is no other application holding on to the ASIO connection.
I have the UAD Console 2.0 set like this, which seems to be FMOD’s recommended buffer size:

Can anyone assist, as I need to get FMOD playing back in 7.1?
Thanks in advance,
Rev Rooms

It’s possible that a different program has already started using the ASIO driver in question. You’ve mentioned that Pro Tools can use this driver without issue but is closed when FMOD is open, but it is possible another program could be running in the background using it.

Are you able to install ASIO4ALL and see if you are able to use that instead of the Universal Audio Thunderbolt?

Thanks Richard,
I’ve checked that out, and not seeing another program using the UAD.
I am trying the ASIO4ALL driver, but currently not getting any success. I’ll reach out to UAD and see what they know…